Pasta with corn and fresh herbs

Tonight I had to think quickly about what dinner was going to be. I had Italian sausage defrosting. And I knew dinner was going to be pasta of some sort. I was running behind with dinner, so I just opened the freezer to see what vegetables I had in there. A bag of corn. Great! Fresh herbs growing in the garden. Fabulous! And burrata that needed to be used within the next couple of days. I threw all that together, with some heavy garlic and presto dinner was served! My daughter said it was the best pasta ever!


• 1 lbs of spaghetti noodles

• olive oil

• 2 – 3 Tbsp of butter

• as much chili flakes as you want

• 4 garlic cloves minced

• a whole lemon zested

• white wine

• 1 cup of pasta water

• 1 1/2 cups of fresh or frozen corn thawed

• 2 Tbsp fresh basil chopped

• 1 Tbsp fresh oregano chopped

• 1Tbsp fresh chives chopped

• burrata

• salt and pepper

• Parmesan

Add ons

• Italian sausage if you need to add some meat grilled, in the oven or on the stove

• grill garlic bread – recipe below pasta recipe

Recipe for Pasta

1 – In large pot start to boil water for your pasta.

2 – In a sauté pan pour in a little olive oil. Add chili flakes. Remember that it is for spice but not too spicy. So it really is up to you as to how much you want to add. Once it becomes a little fragrant add the corn and garlic, salt and pepper. Cook for about 2-4 mins on medium high. Don’t burn the corn or garlic. Add some of the butter and deglaze with white wine. Cook a little bit longer. You don’t want to cook down all the wine. Add a little bit more butter and some pasta water.

3 – once pasta is finished cooking add it to the sauté pan with the corn. Toss with the other ingredients. If you find it too dry or not silky, add a little bit more butter. You want every piece of pasta nice and coated. Add all the fresh herbs and lemon zest. Toss again and transfer to plate. Place burrata on top of the pasta and break it open. Enjoy!

Note – If adding the sausage, once of the grill cut it and either serve it on the side or toss it in the pasta.

Grilled Baguette


• 1 baguette

• olive oil

• salt

• garlic clove


Heat grill to to medium low heat. Cut baguette into large sections, either in half or 3rds depending on your size. Then cut each section in half. With a brush, brush olive oil on to the baguette, but not too much. You just want it lightly covered. Sprinkle a small amount of salt. Place on grill. Olive oil side downs you want slight grill marks. Don’t burn. Burning can happen in seconds, really need to keep a watch on it. Once finished on the grill, take the garlic clove and rub it on the grilled side of the baguette.

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