Jerk Chicken Soft Taco’s

This week has been a very interesting week for our family. I took a nasty fall on our limestone patio steps, on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Long story short I hurt my elbow, and I’m now in a sling. With that being said I’m not really cooking or doing much right now, except resting my body. My husband made a weeks worth of meat on Memorial Day. Which is great cause now we have leftovers galore. He smoked ribs and jerk chicken. So now what to do with the chicken. Let’s make tacos!!!!

Daniel, took your basic jerk seasoning from the spice section in the grocery store and rubbed it all over bone in things and legs. He smoked them in our egg. You could grill if you want too, but he was trying to limit the amount of work. I mean the man is pulling not only being Dad and husband right now, but also Mom, doing his work for his job, being chef, housekeeper, dog keeper and nurse at the moment. Many hats he is wearing this week. And I’m beyond thankful for the husband/father the kids and I have. He is tired. I can see it on his face and body. Thank you for taking care of us. ❤️

Back to the tacos. I warmed the chicken up in the oven. 350 degrees. Sprinkled some water on it and covered in tinfoil. Let’s it reheat for about 30 minutes. When you sprinkle water on the meat and cover it, your bringing the meat back to life so it’s not so dry when reheating. I then shredded the chicken, just as is. I didn’t toss it anything afterwards just served it.

I then took out a bag of 365 salad kit. I love these. Easy quick salad. And for this case tonight, easy taco filler. Plus this Peach habanero salsa is to die for. Sweet and spicy, perfect for jerk tacos.

Honestly I have no recipe here. It’s pretty basic. Just rub bone in chicken parts with jerk seasoning and smoke or grill your chicken. Then top with your favorite taco toppings. Like I said I kept it pretty simple, with the salad kit and salsa. I also sliced, avocado and limes. Made rice for the rest of the family (especially my son) and we enjoyed the simplicity of taco’s.

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