Jeni’s vs. Mitchell’s or Mitchell’s vs. Jeni’s

Ohhh this is a debate. A friendly debate conversation whatever you want to call it, that was being had between my husband and the guys, this afternoon. I’m not sure the outcome. I’m not fully sure what was talked about or who sided where. All I know is the conversation was switched to ice cream, to have a little lightness and remove away from current events of the world. Which then fully gave me the idea of writing this blog.

We have lived in Cleveland, OH for almost 12yrs. Now we tried them both, shortly after moving here. Usually both companies are in our freezer at all times, any given day of the week, for ALMOST 12 years. We love ice cream. Especially if it’s good ice cream. I mean we have had some pretty awful stuff, not from Mitchell’s or Jeni’s. Both I can honestly say, are different. Both bring unique flavors to the table.

Have you ever had Mitchell’s Ice Cream? What do you like about them and why?

Have you ever had Jeni’s Ice Cream? What do you like about them and why?

Here is my take away from both. And you have to compare them to fine dinning vs. casual. Casual and can sometimes be better then fine dinning. Can sometimes hold the Michelin Star. However Fine dinning is sometimes more creative and interesting.

Mitchell’s has the basic flavors and let me tell you, they do well with them. Beyond well. They make the basics more interesting. My favorite flavor of all time is Mint Chocolate Chip. It’s a must in our house. Everyone knows it’s mine. You touch it…well I’m not going to tell you what might happen. It’s fresh mint, and chocolate chunks. I mean chunks of dark chocolate that just sets the tone for the whole experience. I have tried others and nothing compares. I honestly think this is the closest thing, that tastes, like my Dads. It was my Birthday I was young. I don’t remember the age, but I was still in single digits. We had the old crank wooden ice cream maker. My request was mint chocolate chip. It wasn’t green like that nasty artificial stuff. It was white, with large chocolate chips in it. It was amazing. And my dad and I made it together. A memory I will never forget.

Ok moving on, back to Mitchell’s. Their caramel chocolate brownie with the caramel swirl in the ice cream. To. Die. For! Chocolate is chocolate but creamy. Vanilla is vanilla. But then they have their seasonal flavors which I highly recommend. Autumn Caramel Apple is my husbands favorite. I wait every Holiday season for the Amoretto Cookie. They source directly from local farmers. It’s just all around good. I have not had anything I don’t like. And as my husband says – their caramel sauce is outstanding!

Now lets talk Jeni’s another great Ohio ice cream. However they go the extreme. Their chocolate is chocolate, you can’t get any more chocolate then theirs. Their salted caramel is amazing. Now let’s get to my favorite. Bangkok Peanut. I have not seen it in awhile and I hope they have not decided to not make it anymore. It was sweet, salty, nutty, chuncks of coconut and spicy. Oh I LOVE it. All the Thai flavors that I love soooo much. But they also make ice cream like Boston cream pie and sweet cream biscuits with peach jam, dark cherry and goat cheese. They are all good. But you really have to be in the mood for something different. Something that you might find on a dessert menu at a high end restaurant.

There is, no one is better then the other. They are both different. And in some flavors drastically different. It really all depends on what you are in the mood for. What type of experience you want. What fits your fancy that day. The plus of Jeni’s they will ship to your house. They have stores almost on every coast, and through out the U.S.. Mitchell’s is just Cleveland based. I think that is why my heart strings pull more to Mitchell’s.

But Jeni’s please send me a pint of your Bangkok Peanut please. Please I’m begging you!

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  1. Mitchell’s Caramel Chocolate Brownie is my all around favourite. However, my seasonal fave is Campfire S’mores! You can taste the roasted marshmallows! ❤️
    And yes, their caramel sauce is a-mazing!

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